Planung geht voran

Wir haben es geschafft. Alle Teilnehmer unseres Camp haben eine Gastfamilie! Wir sind fast 20 Teilnehmer aus 14 Nationen. Wir freuen uns auf die Anreise aller Teilnehmer bei den Gastfamilien, was ja auch nicht mehr lange hin ist.

Jetzt können wir uns endlich den interessanten Themen widmen: Die Planungen für die Tagesausflüge müssen gemacht werden, Tickets vorbestellen, Bus organisieren, Essen planen, etc. Alles damit wir im Camp damit keinen Stress mehr haben.

Preparations of our camp 2018

The preparations for the next Camp Metropole Ruhr have already started. This time, it will be 38th camp we organize here in our district WR111. 

We have received all applications and currently I am looking for host families, which host our participants this year. Also the planning of our program and activities has started. I will let you know, what we plan to do as soon a first version is ready. 

We are looking forward to meet our participants this year. 

Sunday, last day of the Camp

The camp is over! 

Everybody is still very very tired from the party just a couple of hours ago. The participant say goodby to each other with tears in their eyes. At about one o'clock the last participants leaves heading home for Denmark. 
Now the 10 day are gone and everything is over .... until the next. 

It was a lot of fun. I hope you arrived all well back at home.

See you!

Saturday, 10th of the camp

Today is the last day with program. In morning we went to go canoeing on the river Ruhr. It was nearly perfect weather: we had sunshine with about 25°C; not too cold but also not too warm. 

The large snack we got was gone in 5 minutes, even though it was more than enough. Canoeing make you very hungry.

In the evening we had the farewell party together with the host families and some more Lions and Leos. The party did not end until the first of the participants had to leave at 5 o'clock in the morning. So, got very little sleep if any at all. 

No picture yet, let's see what is still on the cameras.

Friday, 9th day of the camp

Today, we went to the see the Tiergehege im Kaisergarten in Oberhausen, which is free, but nonetheless very interesting! 

Afterwards we went to the the Gasometer nearby which looks like very large tin with hight of nearly 120m. Inside there is a large globe. 
 From the top of the Gasometer the globe actually looks quite small. It depends on the point of view!

For lunch we went to the Brauhaus, which is next to the CentrO, where we spent the afternoon shopping.  

In evening, we had a little party to celebrate into the birthday of one of our participants. Like usual we are sitting at the camp and are having fun! 

Thursday, 8th of the camp

Today, we went to the fun fair Movie Park Germany in Bottrop-Kirchellen. We stayed the whole day there and had time to drive all rollercoaster and win funny stuff.

At the end we said goodby and we took a group picture. 

Wednesday, 7th day

Today, we spent our day in Herne and Bochum. First we went to the Lago-Therme. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures there, because we feared the combination of water and camera.

Afterwards a quick lunch from the local chinese restaurant

we went to visit the German mining museum in Bochum. As we had a guided tour, we not only learned something but we could also see some of the machine in action. 

We tried to fit into an original Dalbusch rescue bomb invented in the 1950 or 60ies. Now only our small boy were able to fit in. 

Last but not least we went up the winding tower and enjoyed the great view over Bochum.

The day ended with the visit of the musical "Starlight Express" in Bochum. Again a very long and exciting day!